Author CV

Marguerite Maher has been involved in education, in teaching, and specifically in teaching literacy for more than 40 years. She started off as a Secondary teacher, teaching languages where, for many students, the language being learned was not their home language. She studied further and completed a Post-graduate Diploma of Special Education (Specific Learning Difficulties). She realised at that time that one can achieve an enormous amount with children aged 5 to 8 who are not learning to read and write with as much facility as their peers, so she moved from teaching 17/18 year olds to teaching Kindergarten and Year 1 and 2 children. After completing her Master in Special Education, she moved from the classroom to universities. She completed a PhD which looked at inclusive education policy to practice.

Her study investigated what inclusive education policy says and how this then plays out for children with disabilities and their families, and also for the other children in the regular classroom and their families.

Marguerite Maher

Since moving to universities, Marguerite has been involved in initial teacher education as a senior lecturer, as a course coordinator, as Associate Professor of Learning and Teaching, and as Professor and Dean of Education.

Her first love remains children and she emphasises the enormous privilege it is for teachers to have a hand in the development of children in their classes, as they develop into autonomous life- long learners.

The books she has written, in two series, fill a gap she has perceived in children’s learning to read. They provide the mileage children need to become fluent readers. See SNEAK PEEKS above for examples of the level of reader she provides.


In Australia (current)

2011 – current:

Professor and Dean, School of Education, University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney campus

2008 – 2011:

Associate Professor of Learning and Teaching, School of Education, Charles Darwin University, Australia

In New Zealand

2002 – 2007:

Senior Lecturer, Program Leader: Primary Teacher Education at Auckland University of Technology

1998 – 2001:

Classroom teacher and syndicate leader of the Junior Primary at KingsWay School. 1994 – 1997:

Director and senior lecturer at the Ashton Warner Academy, a Private Training Establishment (PTE), registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority delivering Early Childhood Education programs.

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